How Being a Virtual Assistant Helps Me Survive During This Pandemic?

Virtual Assistants are now in high demand. I am blessed to work as one of them here in the Philippines. 

I am a virtual assistant (VA), who provide professional administrative and creative assistance to my clients. There are many kinds of services that a VA can offer. 

I choose to work as a virtual research assistant and a creative virtual assistant. It wasn’t easy for me at first because I don’t have any background on this. What I only have is my dedication and willingness to learn. I undergo training and tutorials at home while taking care of my family and children.

There is no reason for me to make any excuses. Whatever I need the most is to support my family financially in this difficult time.  

No one knows that this pandemic could transpire. It was really hard to accept everything that’s happening right now.

Many individuals failed their jobs and businesses. People were very affected, and some of them lost their hope. But people need to stand still and help themselves to look for all the opportunities that could support them. 

I survived as a virtual assistant, so you can start and drive your career.

Let us all take a bigger step and make a decision. It’s now or never. Welcome to the new norm.

Published by maryvillafria

I am Mary, a virtual assistant, a mother, and a wife. I want to bring inspiration and encouragement to people to aim high and unleash their full potential.

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